Table Runner Patterns

Christmas Table Runner Patterns

Sew a table runner for your Christmas table. Choose one of the patterns below to create a personalized table setting or use it as a lovely addition to an entry hall table.

Elegant Table Runner

Elegant Runner
Dress up any table in the house this Christmas by making this elegant table runner that is also reversible. Add your own embellishments to fit your style.

The Raggady Table Runner

The Raggedy Table Runner
Here is a sweet raggedy one that has Christmas colors of cranberry and forest green. So easy!

Table Runner in a Snap

Table Runner in a Snap
Busy with holiday shopping? Use this Christmas table runner pattern and have a beautiful table setting in no time at all.

This is a great quilting project for the beginner. Create blocks by sewing squares of fabric together for a colorful Christmas patchwork runner.

Patchwork Table Runner

Jars of Candy Table Runner

Jars of Candy
Here is an easy to make Christmas table runner with jars filled with candy canes, ribbon candy and peppermints.

Country Christmas Table Runner

Country Christmas
If your taste leans towards the warm and charming country style this one with 37 charms is for you.

This detailed pattern is for a 20 x 40 inch table runner of a snowman with a carrot for a nose. So easy and so cute.

Snowman Table Runner
Two Dove's Table Runner

Two Doves
Create an elegant Christmas table decoration in vibrant holiday colors with a dove on each end to add to your Christmas decor.