Angel Patterns

Christmas Angel Patterns

Make a Christmas angel for your tree or to add to wrapping on a present. You will also find angel ornament patterns to sew.

Sweet Angel Ornament or Pin

Angel Ornament or Pin
This glittery angel has blonde hair, a halo, golden wings with blue stars and a beautiful blue dress, plus she is holding a star with the year written on it.

Spirit of Christmas Angel
Strip quilting is required when making this heavenly angel with long flowing hair and a golden halo.

Spirit of Christmas Angel
Yo Yo Angel Pattern

Yo Yo Pattern
It's so easy to make several of these adorable yoyos to hang on the tree, embellish a Christmas gift or wear on your clothing.

White Lace
Using white lace, pom pom, gold thread and a few other materials you can make these heavenly lace angels.

White Lace Angels

Holiday Angel

Holiday Angel
Make several of these adorable angels to hang on the tree each with white hair and a sweet and precious little face.

Pretty Patchwork
Create the look of stain glass with zig-zag patch working by following these step by step instructions.

Pretty Patchwork Angel
Celestial Angel

Celestial Angel
Create a beautiful angel using felt fabric in white and other colors to create a warm and welcoming Christmas spirit in your home this year.

Heavenly Ornaments
All in white lace and with golden hair these precious ornaments look like they are straight from heaven.

Heavenly Ornaments